Google Introduced PAC-MAN Game In Maps For April Fool's Day

What a surprise from Google this year for April Fool's Day. This day is a naughty day and big fooling day. Google has made us fool in different ways like Google Nose but know the theme for that has changed.  Now for this years April Fools Day Google has introduced PAC-MAN game in Google maps. It is good and the streets of the cities change into the PAC-MAN running path. For Previous year April Fools Day Google introduces Pokemon Challenge in Google Maps. Now PAC-MAN really. That really nice of Google and Google is giving 5 lives in the pacman game.

To play this game in Mobile click slide menu, then scroll down and click on insert coin. It will redirect to you to a page or click here. On that go for the option On Your Mobile Device. Check out the rules in the support page on how to play PAC-MAN game in your mobile device.

Lets have a look at how can we start the game.

PAC-MAN game in Google Maps

Click on the PAC-MAN image that appears in the Bottom-Left corner of the page near Earth view.

After you click the game it will tell you the controls of the PAC-MAN game.

PAC-MAN game controls

Then the PAC-MAN game will start.

PAC-MAN game running.

PAC-MAN game running.

Note that the sound is by default in mute you can turn on the sound in the top of the page. Enjoy your game.


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