ClearView Clio Invisible Bluetooth Speaker review and Specification

Guys, you may be tired to see the same design of Bluetooth speakers. Clio is simple and beautiful 24 watt invisible Bluetooth speaker which matches with any environment and uses Edge Motion™ technology.

Now the question arises what is Edge Motion technology™. We will tell you don't you worry about that.

Edge Motion™ - driven speakers use piezo-electric actuators to stimulate the sides of an optically clear acrylic glass stereo transducer that produces rick, full sound across the audio range.
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Clio's homepage reported
As the first audio system powoered by the Edge Motion technology.
Clio disappears into any environment as stated above while delivering room filling panoramic sound that is the sound can be heard in all corners of the room. It enhances the enjoyment  of your music, movies like horror and thriller, games - the game lovers will surely love this because it will give you a nice environment for playing all games mostly like NFS Most Wanted, Counter Strike etc. with the bookshelf-sized Bluetooth speaker that connects wirelessly with any bluetooth enabled device.You can also connect this device via universal 3.5 mm Jack input port and it also comes an AC-adapter and power cable.

You can also see the review of this product from people who use it in their  homepage.

Now will talk about it's design and dimensions.

  • Height: 9-1/4" / 23.5cm 
  • Width: 12-5/8" / 32.1cm
  • Depth: 3-3/4" / 9.5cm
  • Clear Transuder Thickness: 0.04 inches/1.0 mm
  • Optically clear Acrylic Glass Stereo Transuder
  • Down-firing2"/5.1 cm Woofer 
  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming or Direct 3.5 mm Jack input.
This product is available in Three Colors
  • Silver
  • Dark Bronze

  • Charcoal

The status of the Speaker is mentioned by Tri-color 
  • Blue (Bluetooth : Still- Selected | Flashing means - Pairing)
  • RED - means it is connected with 3.5 mm Jack Input 
  • White means Standby.
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