Android Lollipop New Smart Lock "On-Body Detection" Feature

Google is rolling out a new lock feature to lollipop users which works according to motion sensor inside your android devices. This On-Body detection works when you are in motion the device is unlocked until it is placed down.This means that the person walking won't have to unlock their phone every time when they take it out of their pocket to use it.When you place the phone down it is locked, so the next time you pick it up you will need to enter your PIN, Pattern  or Password.

According to Android Authority - this feature can be turned on from the smart lock section of Security Settings. This feature will bring down the number of times a person will have to unlock his device especially when you are on the move. 

Obviously this "On-Body Detection" feature of Android Lollipop cannot tell that whether the person carrying the phone is you or someone else. If someone steals your phone from your pocket, then they can easily access your phone without any protection or restriction like to enter the Pattern, Pin or Password you set and the thief won't be able to open your phone, the moment the phone stops moving it will lock up. So if you love your phone a lot then it is better to keep this feature off, it is upto you. But don't you worry you can still detect your phone from the Android Device Manager or Kaspersky Phound App.

"As this feature is not available to all the Lollipop devices, On-Body detection appears to be activated on a per-user basis" Android Authority reported.

Note: If uou are not using the latest Play service version, the you might see a it differently in Smart Lock, as "Trusted behaviour (experimental)". This seems to be the old name of On-Body Detection feature.

Source - Android Authority 


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