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Google Nexus 6 specs and price 2014

Guyz , the next best smartphone of android by google has arrived in the market with the latest android os version 5. It could be the first device to run the next version of google's operating system. Lets get into google nexus 6.

Nexus 6 is designed by Motorola this time, the nexus 4 and nexus 5 were being manufactured by LG. But this time Google has shifted its nexus build to Motorola. Nexus 32GB version costs for Rs 44,000 and 64 GB version costs for Rs 49,000.Like before Nexus does not support micro SD cards. Nexus 6 has the same look of dual speakers at top and bottom of the phone with steel bar it is like a larger version of Moto X.

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Nexus 6 has a display of pixel-rich , 6" Quad HD display which a good for gamers to play games like Asphalt , FIFA etc. It has a powerful processor Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 805 quad core 2.7 GHz processors which provides lightning fast multi-tasking and the Adr…

How to install Android L Keyboard on any android phones

Now everybody with android device is eager to use the sweetest launch said by google - Android L.
Now all the android users can make their keyboard UI (User Interface or Design) look like android L.
We all want to updates of android. The newer the OS the better the Usage. Now also you can make your phone look like android see this  How To Get Android L On Any Android Phone

To make your android phone keyboard look like Android l just Download the app. Click Here to download.

What is it features?
keys are not Separated in a grid as the curves and lines of the letters provide the only needed visual cue. This flat design features bold buttons and a color palette similar to google L. 


Images : Google Play

                                                  Enjoy Android L Keyboard On Your Phone.
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How to get android L on any android phone

Google doesn't give Android L updates to all the android devices like non nexus users or with old android version. As google is saying Android L as there sweetest OS Version. Android l has the all new UI.

We have a solution for your problem. Now turn your android apps menu into new android l app menu.

The app is Fancy Switcher.Click here to Download. Also see How to reset your android phones.

What it Does?
Normal Version

4 Styles: Classic, grid,coverflow or android lsmart-slider: switch to last app directly to fancy switch, with a simple swipeSidebar for fast app switchingBackground customizationBeta functionallity : start automatically Fancy Switcher instead of the native oneHide closed apps3D Icon effect Gold Version : Unlock all the features
Thumbnails: adjust ,size ,orientation, items displayedSmart-Slider fully customizableUnlimited number of apps displayedTransition effects (Zoom, Slide, OpenClose apps effects (Trash, Gravity)Backup and restore your settingsUse your icon pack…