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how to disable google+ comment box - simple 7 steps

Guyz in this tutorial im going to provide you on how to disable google+ comment box from blogger 
1) Go to google+
2) Click on the account of yours
3) Then in the right side their will be option saying Use Google+ Comments on this blog
4) Then go to settings
5) Then click on posts and comments
6) Then click on how to show comments -- embedded, full page, pop-up window or hide it
7) Then adjust your comment box like who can comment,

Who can comment? Anyone - includes Anonymous Users
                                     Registered User - includes OpenID
                                     User with Google Accounts
                                     Only members of this blog

Comment Moderation ?

Show word verification ?
                                            Yes or No
Show Backlinks ?
                                             Hide or Show
Comment Form Mess…