Review on all new LG 55EA9800 OLED for ₹ 9.99 lack

Watch the CURVE in your own imagination.
Guyz in this article you are going to get a knowledge about the new LG OLED TV.

LG's remarkable thin curved OLED TV opens up a whole new possibility of style and design with a depth of only 4.5mm thick at its thinnest point.lg's 4 Colour pixel   Pixel technology adds a white sub-pixel to the conventional 3 colour  red, green and blue that enhances both colour range and accuracy. This considerably improves the OLED pixel's ability to express the realistic colours. LG's intuitive Magic Remote is a simple and fun way to pick and choose what you want to watch.You can use LG's unique Voice Mate, capable of recognizing how you naturally speak to change channel, Volume or access premium content providers. 


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